Closed Cell. Flexible.
Longterm Efficient.

Suitable for a wide range of applications: Technical foams made of FEF and PEF are multifunctional optimisers for the technical equipment of buildings. They optimise all technical systems for which they are used - from heating pipes in the home to air conditioning systems in high-rise office buildings, to cooling systems in the supermarket or for water tanks in industrial plants.

Heating & Plumbing Applications for Closed Cell Insulation

Heating & Plumbing Applications

Technical insulation for heating and plumbing applications assures a high return on investment: FEF and PEF insulation pay for themselves after only a short time thanks to the consistent energy savings. Completely free from dust and fibres the materials are extremely user friendly.

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Applications for Closed Cell Insulation

Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning

The prevention of condensation is the most important task of insulation in "Refrigeration and air conditioning technology". FEF and PEF foams fulfil this role in the best possible way.

HVAC Applications with Closed Cell Insulation

HVAC Applications

FEF and PEF foams not only prevent surface condensation, they also feature an integrated water vapour barrier - keeping the insulation dry and effective for long periods of time.

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Applications for Closed Cell Insulation

Thermal Solar Systems

Weatherproof, UV-resistant and heat-resistant up to 150° C - high temperature EPDM foams provide reliable insulation in solar applications. Thanks to their flexibility, they also insulate lines which are difficult to access and assure constant solar yields.

HVAC Applications with Closed Cell Insulation

Industrial Applications

Thanks to their high flexibility, FEF foams insulate a wide variety of components. Due to their long-term thermal performance capability and practical handling, they are ideally suited for use in the industrial sector.

Noise Control with Closed Cell Insulation

Noise Control

In addition to their thermal insulating function, FEF and PEF also provide acoustic benefits - e.g. for pipe systems. The result: better living comfort or increased occupational safety.